(3 Pack) Water Spray Toy

(3 Pack) Water Spray Toy

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Are you having a hard time dealing with your toddler who is afraid of baths? 

Instead of forcing them to go into the bathtub, try using this cute little Water Spray Toy that they will surely love! 

Give them this cute little whale toy to help them get comfortable in the water!

Your child will surely fall in love with bathing because this tour automatically sprays water when it is put into the water!

It is designed with smooth edges without burrs that will not hurt your infant's hands.

No more crying tears because your child is captivated when they swim and play with this adorable toy!

Get creative in encouraging your small ones to enjoy bathtime with this cute cartoon appearance!

Teach your kids how to love bathing by using this fascinating Water Spray Toy they won't resist!