(2 Pack) Refrigerator Drain Dredge

(2 Pack) Refrigerator Drain Dredge

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Hate having to deal with all that disgusting gunk that keeps finding its way inside your fridge’s drainage?

Unblock your fridge’s drain hole hassle-free with the convenient and easy-to-use Refrigerator Drain Dredge! 

This one-of-a-kind cleaning tool features a fully adjustable cleaning tube to provide you with unparalleled accessibility to easily clean the insides of your fridge’s drain!

Simply bend and form the tube brush to your desired shape and insert it carefully inside the drain!

It’s a must-have cleaning tool to keep your fridge in optimal performance!

Get rid of refrigerator stain and prevent the contamination of your food with the remarkable Refrigerator Drain Dredge!